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Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a professional model for over 21 years now. 

 For the past 7 of those, I have been a certified personal trainer and Paddle Board instructor.  

My biggest role is being wife and mother of four kiddos based out Northern Michigan.

I began modeling at an early age which continued into a lifelong passion for everything fitness and health. The discipline I developed as a model took me to the wellness space and fueled my desire to inspire others. Taking care of my body, inside and out, has always been a priority and sharing that passion with others is my goal.  

Aside from physically looking great, I believe that fitness is also about confidence, self-love, and personal growth.



My style of training is directly influenced by my love of Jane Fonda 80's workouts. It's molded my physique to be strong and lean, even after several injuries. My method combines principles from Barre', strength training and functional Pilates movements to create a mind-body connection.

I firmly believe that with a great workout routine and proper nutrition anyone can achieve life-long success in health and fitness. Whether you are a potential client or just a follower, I hope to inspire you to live a healthier life and become the best version of YOU!​

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